Odlo reacts to higher weights in Germany

The Swiss marketer of functional sportswear responds to the fact that German customers have grown bigger over the past decades. Odlo has decided to adjust the sizes of its garments to the latest research. The adjustments are based on a long-term field research project called “Size Germany.” One of the findings of the study is that men have grown not only wider, but also taller in average. On the other hand, women have been more curvy in the 1960s, whereas the female waist is no longer as well defined now as it used to be. Reflecting these finding, Odlo has developed new fittings to meet the changes: Most of its shapes are now by 1-2 centimeters wider than before. In the sizes XL and XXL, they are even 3-4 centimeters wider, corresponding to one full size. The company will apply its new range of fittings to its spring/summer 2013 collection for the underwear lines Original Lights, Cool and Cubic. It will do the same with other underwear collections and other divisions for autumn/winter 2013-14.


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