Startex gets Karhu cross-country ski license

Startex, the Finnish company that sells the Start brand of ski waxes, has obtained an international license to make and sell cross-country skis, boots and poles under the Karhu brand. The license was previously in the hands of Karhu Sporting Goods (KSG), another Finnish company, as part of a settlement with Karhu Holding, the Dutch company that acquired the rights to the Karhu trademark. The Netherlands Arbitration Institute (NAI) confirmed in June that Karhu Holding could rescind this license to KSG due to breach of contract. Karhu Holding said that it settled all its financial claims against KSG last week. The end of this toxic relationship and the new deal with Startex should enable Karhu to build on its strength in the cross-country ski market, with a switch to the SNS system. In the last years Karhu has been focusing on sales of running footwear with the Fulcrum mid-sole technology.

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