Greenpeace praises Puma as a detox leader, but views Nike, Adi and Li-Ning as greenwashers

Yesterday, Greenpeace released its “Detox Catwalk”—a performance assessment of the progress made by major clothing companies on their commitments to toxic-free clothing. Greenpeace divided the companies into three categories: “leaders”, “greenwashers” and “laggards”. According to the environmental organization, Puma is the only sports brand to make it into the list of leaders thanks to its transparency and the implementation of zero discharge principles across its global supply chain. It is interesting to see that there are quite a few integrated brand/fashion retailers among the leaders including Benetton, Marks & Spencer, Esprit, Zara (Inditex), Mango, H&M and C&A. Leading sports brands Nike and Adidas and China’s Li-Ning were identified as greenwashers.  The Three Stripes was also were criticized for being “all talk” rather than “all in”. Greenpeace believes that both Adidas and Nike hide behind the ZDHC seal (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) which Greenpeace describes as ineffective and a mere greenwash screen. There were no sports-related brands among the “laggards”—companies the NGO defines as irresponsible or uncommitted to toxic issues. Greenpeace included brands such as Gap, Giorgio Armani, Diesel and others on this list. The Detox Catwalk can be viewed as an interactive online platform.

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