2013 a satisfactory year for Amer Sports

In the year that came to a close on Dec. 31st, Amer Sports saw its net sales increase to  €2,136.5 million, up from €2,064.0 million. In local currency, the increase was 8 percent. Their gross margin remained at 43.6 percent. Profits (Ebit) increased significantly (excluding non-recurring effects) to €154.9 million compared with €138.7 million in 2012.

In the fourth quarter, net sales were up from €618.5 million in the previous year’s period to €657.4 million. In local currency, sales jumped up 12 percent. The gross margin improved slightly to 42.0 percent. Winter sports equipment from the Atomic and Salomon brands increased turnover by 8 percent. The earnings (Ebit excluding non-recurring items) was up from €47.0 million to €64.7 million.

Amer’s management describes the outlook for the current year as challenging, but the group is confident it will achieve the minimum aim of  its long-term plan, to have 5 percent growth per year.

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