Swiss Intersport expects higher profits

intersport_CHIn a preliminary release, Intersport PSC, the Swiss licensee of Intersport, projects a higher than expected positive net income of 1.4-1.5 million Swiss francs (€1.16-1.25 million) for the financial year 2013-14, which ended on Sept 30. It was said that with 222 affiliated retailers operating 312 points of sale, this was lower than at the end of the previous year, but that both operating margins and turnover was higher than one year ago. At the end of financial 2012-13, the group booked a net loss of CHF 3.3 million (€2.74 million). Last year, sales at retail level were CHF 436 million (€362.4 million), representing some 24 percent of the entire Swiss market. The number of retailers then was 241 who ran 353 shops. Swiss Intersport will present its annual figures on Dec. 18.


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