Reebok plans to transform Indian retail network to fitness hub

reebok_fithubAccording to the Times of India, Reebok aims to focus entirely on fitness and has revealed plans to switch its complete network of own stores in place in the South Asian country to the “FitHub” format. Brand director Somdeb Basu told the newspaper that the company intends to open 15 more specialty fitness-dedicated points of sale by the end of next year.

We have completely exited from selling sports merchandise like cricket bats etc. We have introduced products catering to fitness.”

Somdeb Basu, brand director, Reebok India

Like in other countries, the hubs in India are not only designed to sell merchandise, but also offer workout classes in yoga, pilates and other fitness-oriented sports. Currently, there are about 300 Reebok-branded outlets around India, of which about 130 are already FitHubs. The other points of sale are set to be converted to fitness shops as well.

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