Bergans of Norway

Bergans of Norway is looking for Prototype testers

Bergans of Norway is launching a new project on the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION platform in partnership with high-tech fabric and apparel manufacturer TORAY. The brand is looking for 30 testers to take the new Ecodear fabrics through an exhaustive testing regime.

New Jacket with fabrics from renewable resources

Ecodear fabrics are like conventional polyester fabric – fully recyclable and functional – but instead of being entirely made from petroleum and other fuels, Ecodear fabrics use material made from renewable resources, so saving the limited resources of our planet.

Bergans of Norway

Apply now!

To apply for one of the limited tester spots all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire that you’ll find on the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION platform. In the course of this crowdsourcing project testers will discuss product development with Bergans of Norway, the brand’s top athletes, professional mountain guides and retail partners. It will be an interesting insight into the development process of functional outdoor garments. At the end of the development process each tester is allowed to keep the jacket or will be given a comparable item from the latest collection.

More information about Bergans of Norway and TORAY’s ISPO OPEN INNOVATION project as well as about how to apply to be a tester can be found on the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION website.


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