Scott shareholder takes control of Transa

transa_2015_04_15_key-Logos.jpg.2015-07-02-12-00-23Beat Zaugg, one of the shareholders of Scott Sports, has bought a controlling stake of Transa, Switzerland’s leading specialty outdoor retailer. Transa’s co-founder Beat Stünzi wants to ensure, through this move, a smooth succession for age reasons.

Stünzi himself will remain at the top of the chain’s supervisory board and a minority shareholder. Behind Zaugg’s newly created company called International Retail Corporation SA, the second largest shareholder continues to be Globetrotter Switzerland, a Swiss group related to Globetrotter Ausrüstung which holds a 25 percent stake in Transa.

The operating leadership remains in the hands of CEO Daniel Humbel. Meanwhile, Transa has sold its wholesale arm, Outdoor Trading AG, to its sales director, Jürg Lüthi. Outdoor Trading’s main business are the franchised Jack Wolfskin stores in Switzerland.

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