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Reel Rock Film Tour 2015: With screenings in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands

Kicking off with the European premiere on September 24 in Vienna the Reel Rock Film Tour is celebrating its tenth anniversary and will be visiting Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Showing five short movies the film tour promises to be an outstanding highlight for any climber.

Endless big walls, outstanding trickery on the rock and alpine feats: The Reel Rock Film Tour brings the best and most eagerly anticipated climbing movies of the year to a passionate audience.

Reel-Rock Fitz Traverse Honnold Caldwell

The program

While Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell fight against the Patagonian weather in “A Line Across The Sky”, Daniel Woods challenges gravity when highball bouldering (“High and Mighty”) and “Showdown in Horseshoe Hell” takes a look behind the scenes of the craziest festival of the climbing community, 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell. In addition, the Reel Rock Film Tour also offers a first glance at the key parts of the Dawn Wall, the world’s most difficult big wall route.

All tour dates and more information about the movies can be found on:

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