EOFT 2015

The European Outdoor Film Tour 2015: Nine movies, 14 countries and 300 events

From October 9, the European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.) will start into its 15th annual tour with a two-hour program full of stunning outdoor movies and inspiring sports documentaries.

The 15th E.O.F.T. delivers another great selection of exciting sports and adventure movies: In “Tamara” the audience follows the alpinist Tamara Lunger and her passion for the extreme. Aged 23 she was the youngest woman to stand on top of the Lhotse (8.516m) and the talent and will power she displays on her expeditions promise a big career ahead of her.

The heat of the sparse desert of the Sierra Nevada comes as a great contrast to those snowy summits: In “In Burn it Down” the young longboard pro James Kelly races down endless winding roads. But this year’s E.O.F.T. is not all about speed: In “Unbranded” Ben Masters and his buddies take off on a slowed-down journey. Like cowboys of old, they cross America from frontier to frontier and get to see a country that couldn’t be more pristine.

More movies of the European Outdoor Film Tour 2015:

1h46min – High-speed ice climbing with Dani Arnold

Unreal – Mountainbiking with Brandon Semenuk

A Line Across the Sky – Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold climb in Patagonia

Onekotan – Freeski adventures with Matthias Mayr, Matthias Haunholder and Phil Meier on a remote island in the Pacific

Masters of Slack – Stunning slacklining with Jaan Roose and Andy Lewis

Degrees North – A freeride expedition with Xavier de le Rue and Samuel Anthamatten

All dates of the screenings and tickets for the events can be found on the E.O.F.T.-website.

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