This Chinese can't be a party member. He is playing golf.

China: one people, one party, no golf

This Chinese can't be a party member. He is playing golf. (C) PGA Tour

Can’t be a party member. He’s playing golf. (C) PGA Tour

We welcome the tireless efforts of the Chinese government to fight corruption in the country, in the ruling Communist Party and in the society’s elites. In its latest suggestions, the China’s leaders propose a package of new rules which aim to improve the image of party members who have been increasingly criticized for their dissipated lifestyle.

The government has now presented a long list of activities which the 88 million party members should no longer indulge in. The almost endless list contains popular social activities such as excessive dining, adultery and… golf.

With all due respect for governmental efforts to turn party members into role models of modern, but modest Chinese society, we cannot agree with banning golf and excluding so many people from this peaceful and inspiring green sport.

Are China’s leaders aware of the practical complications of enforcing such rules? Especially if they want to forbid adultery and playing golf simultaneously. Apparently, there are various studies around the globe, which show that men give up adultery to focus more on golf.

We know the Chinese government well enough to guess that such practical problems will not keep them from enforcing such laws. However, for the sake of the local golf industry, we can only appeal to China’s leaders to re-think the golf thing.

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  1. Not sure how green golf is, given greenskeepers’ reliance on pesticides.

    by Charlie Lunan – on 27. October 2015, 23:05

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